About SVI Trucks

SVI specializes in crafting custom emergency vehicles for agencies around the world. With roots in the emergency service industry dating back to 1954, we began building custom fire and rescue apparatus in 1971. Since that time, we have gained a rock-solid reputation for superior quality and innovative designs.

Today, SVI is stationed in Fort Collins, Colorado, at the base of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, just 70 miles north of Denver. As a fourth generation, family-owned company, we employ over 150 professional craftsmen from our community and have produced over 1,000 emergency service vehicles that are saving lives every day all over the world.

As an environmentally conscious company, SVI is committed to sustainability. We recycle our metal and paper waste and work to maintain a minimal environmental footprint.

SVI Trucks is a proud and accredited member of the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers’ Association.


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